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Welcome to Sobriety Sisterhood 

A Haven for Positive Change and Connection

Step into a supportive and judgment-free space where you can explore your relationship with alcohol and start a transformative journey towards a happier and healthier version of yourself. My private members' Facebook community is more than just a Facebook group - it's a haven for personal growth and meaningful connections.


Discover the Benefits of Sobriety


Sobriety brings with it a lot of benefits - and my community is here to help you uncover what lies ahead on this amazing journey. As a member - you'll enjoy:

Inspirational Interaction: This community is a safe haven for you to share your success and challenges. Find encouragement-- understanding-- and support from fellow members who are on the same path.

Resources and Articles: Access a treasure trove of resources and articles curated to deepen your understanding of sobriety and personal development.


Book Club: Engage yourself in my book club-- where we explore literature that informs and inspires sobriety and self-improvement. It's a journey of learning and growth we take together.


Need More Connection?
Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity To Become A Part Of My Exclusive Group Coaching Community.

Weekly Group Coaching with Ellen: Join me on Zoom for insightful live sessions that provide guidance - inspiration - and a chance to connect with my vibrant community

WhatsApp: Peer to peer community support, facilitated by me, providing real time engagement and connection with your sober sisters

Education: Emails which include resources, worksheets and information for you to support the all important mindset change to help you thrive in sobriety

Together - we'll explore the immense benefits of sobriety and help you pave the way for a brighter - happier - and healthier future. Join me today and start your journey towards a fulfilling life centred on sobriety and self-improvement. I can't wait to welcome you to my supportive community!

As a Thank You
for signing up to my Group Coaching Community, you get a FREE eBook 

"Sober Starter for Ten" 
by Ellen Woods

Check your welcome email for the link to your free ebook

Monthly Subscription to the

Sobriety Sisterhood Group Coaching

Join the Sisterhood Group Coaching

All for less than the price of a bottle of wine each week!

By joining the group you agree to the guiding principles.

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