Ellen's Story


Originally from the UK but living in France since 2007, I quietly gave up alcohol in December 2018 after toying with sobriety for several years.  

Although I always knew on some level that alcohol wasn’t doing me any favours, I just couldn’t make sobriety stick long term.

I was what most people would consider a normal drinker.  A few glasses of wine most nights, with the odd wild night where my alter ego ‘party girl’ would make an appearance….followed by sickness and a 4 day hangover.

With 3 young children, mummy culture had me feeling like I deserved to ‘treat’ myself to a few glasses of wine most nights.  What I eventually came to realise as I approached 40  was that if I was really to ‘treat’ myself (and my kids) then it would be to stop drinking altogether.

With high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, living my entire adult life yo-yo dieting, the red, bloated face, the hangovers, the disturbed sleep; alcohol was not enhancing my life one bit.

Since giving up, sobriety has given me mental clarity that I have never experienced.  I realised I was drinking nearly every night to numb the boredom I felt;  but in turn, the cycle of drinking most nights meant that I had turned into somebody boring; somebody that didn’t chase their dreams, or follow through with any plans, and that wasn't the person I wanted to be or the parent I wanted to be to my kids.

I realised that the key to sobriety wasn’t willpower, it was to create a life I didn’t want to escape from.  and that’s just what I am doing; and what I want to help you do.

Sobriety Sisterhood's Story

Why is sobriety sisterhood unique to other accountability coaching?

I am a qualified nutritionist, health and fitness coach and yoga teacher with over 20 years experience in the wellbeing industry. 


After giving up alcohol in 2018 I came to realise how my relationship with alcohol had never aligned with my fitness and wellbeing lifestyle.  

‘Being well’ doesn't just mean eating right and keeping active.  It also means looking at every aspect of our wellbeing, and that has to include sobriety. 

At sobriety sisterhood we help you reach your health and fitness goals by making sobriety your keystone habit;