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Self-paced Email Course

As a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and behaviour change coach with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry, I have seen many people struggle to come to terms with their health and well-being when it is linked to alcohol. In this course, I explore the reasons why people drink, the hidden negative impacts alcohol has on our bodies, and most importantly, explore ways that alcohol free living can be a positive boost to your mood and wellness.

Sobriety Coach

I work with clients from around the world to help them find freedom from alcohol.  Sober coaching is the most powerful tool in your sober toolbox, I am trained in the psychology of behaviour change and can help empower your choice to become alcohol-free by providing a safe, judgement free space to explore your unique needs, strengths & challenges.

30 Daily Motivations

I have created this email programme as a self-paced approach designed to support your 30 day sober curious experience. I have designed it to help you stay focused by providing you with proven tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals, and create mindset shifts.

The programme delivers guidance in the form of daily emails, to help you take action and to move forward with your goal. Well directed self-reflection will help you find the road that’s right for you.  The course has been designed to help direct your focus, stay on track, and to keep motivated and accountable to change those habits.

If you want to explore your relationship with alcohol, with some support and guidance

then simply click below to sign up. 

You are about to be bombarded with information, resources and worksheets. Be prepared to commit 10 minutes a day to sit and read and submerge yourself in sobriety.

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Any Questions? Contact Me

If you have any questions of queries about the email programme or 1:1 Coaching, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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