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15:30 (CET Paris)

14:30 (GMT London)

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Exclusive content
  • An exclusive two hour workshop via zoom

  • The opportunity to explore your challenges with expert support

  • Access to the sobriety sisterhood community

  • My gift to you - 10 emails full of practical tips, and worksheets to help you on your journey

Workshop Timetable
  • Introductions, a little about my story 

  • The alcohol audit

  • Do we need to hit a rock bottom before we make a change?

  • How to set our intentions 

  • Top tips and tools to find freedom from alcohol 

  • Q&A time

Join me

Join me in this workshop on Saturday 11th March where I am inviting you to be a part of the sober revolution. 


This exclusive group is a safe space to connect with others on the journey. I invite you to share as much as you feel comfortable with zero judgement from me.

What will we cover?

Together we will be discussing our ideal relationship with alcohol and the benefits of sobriety.  Our limited group size will allow you the opportunity to voice your personal challenges. I will help you identify where your relationship with alcohol stands right now, set our intentions for going forward and discuss tips and tools on how to navigate early sobriety and find freedom from alcohol. 


If it feels like alcohol is taking more from your life than it gives, then come and join my
and learn how to thrive on the
sober side of life!

The Sober Curious Workshop is for you if:

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