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Welcome to Sobriety Sisterhood Community Group Coaching


Guiding Principles for the Sisterhood




  • We commit to protecting each other's privacy, ensuring that this can be a safe space for all who need it.
  • We allow ourselves permission to show up in whatever capacity we can, recognizing that perfectionism no longer serves us.
  • We aim to lead with kindness and a place of non judgement, being mindful that it takes great courage to be here.
  • We suspend judgement towards ourselves and others. We choose to be curious if and when judgement may arise in us.
  • We aim to find a connection through similarities rather than focus on differences.
  • We attempt to remain present, so that we can both hold space and take space.
  • We recognize that all journeys are deeply personal and to support all pathways of sobriety even if it is different to our own.
  •  We accept each member of the community where they are right now on their journey.
  • We keep shares sobriety-focused and speak our own truths and personal experiences
  • We refrain from critiquing, or offering unsolicited advice, instead trying to offer compassion and understanding to each other and ourselves
  • We recognize strengths in self and others whenever possible, knowing that change comes from strength not shame.
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