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Join us for Sober October 


What will I gain from joining?





My Exclusive Sober October Group is for you if:

Are you curious about what we’ll cover? 

Why alcohol dependency is not your fault - learning about how alcohol invades the subconscious mind and why we drink without thinking. 

Dismantling the belief that willpower is what you need to change - identifying your why as a more effective tool for overcoming resistance

How to deal with negative self talk - developing techniques that help tackle challenges with a positive mindset

Creating change by changing your thinking - why it’s important to evaluate your beliefs and fears around alcohol and your ability to quit so you can move forward with creating the best version of yourself.

As a Thank You
for signing up to our Community, you get a FREE eBook 

"Sober Starter for Ten" 
by Ellen Woods

Check your welcome email for the link to your free ebook

Sober October Group Coaching 

My exclusive group coaching package provides a bespoke experience to help you change your lifestyle through using Sobriety as your keystone habit. You will benefit from:


Limited membership for guaranteed personal attention on your journey.


Daily Emails for the month of October.

Weekly group coaching calls led by me, recordings will be made available if you are unable to join.


Exclusive WhatsApp group for direct support from myself and your peers.

Preferential access to the Sobriety Sisterhood Community offerings, resources and news.

Membership of the Private Facebook Community where you with support from the Sobriety Sisterhood Community, peer support, further resources, articles and interaction to help you on your journey. The community is a safe space for you to share your successes and your struggles, and gain inspiration and support from others on the same journey.

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