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Group Coaching

A Haven for Positive Change and Connection


What will you gain from joining?





Need More Connection?
Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity To Become A Part Of My Exclusive Group Coaching Community.

Weekly Group Coaching with Ellen: Join me on Zoom for insightful live sessions that provide guidance - inspiration - and a chance to connect with my vibrant community

WhatsApp: Peer to peer community support, facilitated by me, providing real time engagement and connection with your sober sisters

Weekly Emails: Emails which include resources, worksheets and information for you to support the all important mindset change to help you thrive in sobriety

Community Support: Access the Private FaceBook community, a safe space for you to share your successes and your struggles, and gain inspiration and support from others on the same journey.

Preferential access: Be the first to hear about the Sobriety Sisterhood Community offerings, resources and news.


Discounts: Enjoy 5% reduction for 1:1 Coaching with our coaches

Together - we'll explore the immense benefits of sobriety and help you pave the way for a brighter - happier - and healthier future. Join me today and start your journey towards a fulfilling life centred on sobriety and self-improvement. I can't wait to welcome you to my supportive community!

Sobriety Sisterhood Group Coaching is for you if:

Are you curious about what we’ll cover? 

Why alcohol dependency is not your fault - learning about how alcohol invades the subconscious mind and why we drink without thinking. 

Dismantling the belief that willpower is what you need to change - identifying your why as a more effective tool for overcoming resistance

How to deal with negative self talk - developing techniques that help tackle challenges with a positive mindset

Creating change by changing your thinking - why it’s important to evaluate your beliefs around alcohol and your ability to quit so you can move forward with creating the best version of yourself.

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