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My name is Ellen, and I am a sobriety and wellbeing coach, helping other women reach their sobriety, fitness and nutrition goals by working on their mindset.  I work with my clients to help them examine their relationship with alcohol and work together to help build a happier, healthier life without alcohol.  I am a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and behaviour change coach with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.  

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My Story

A single mum of 3, originally from the UK but living in France since 2007, I quietly gave up alcohol in December 2018 after toying with sobriety for several years.  

Although I always knew on some level that alcohol wasn’t doing me any favours, I just couldn’t make sobriety stick long term.

I was what most people would consider a normal drinker.  A few glasses of wine most nights, with the odd wild night where my alter ego ‘party girl’ would make an appearance….followed by sickness and a 4 day hangover.

With 3 young children, mummy culture had me feeling like I deserved to ‘treat’ myself to a few glasses of wine most nights.  What I eventually came to realise as I approached 40  was that if I was really to ‘treat’ myself (and my kids) then it would be to stop drinking altogether.

With high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, living my entire adult life yo-yo dieting, the red, bloated face, the hangovers, the disturbed sleep; alcohol was not enhancing my life one bit.

Since giving up, sobriety has given me mental clarity that I have never experienced.  I realised I was drinking nearly every night to numb the boredom I felt;  but in turn, the cycle of drinking most nights meant that I had turned into somebody boring; somebody that didn’t chase their dreams, or follow through with any plans, and that wasn't the person I wanted to be or the parent I wanted to be to my kids.

I realised that the key to sobriety wasn’t willpower, it was to create a version of me I didn’t want to escape from.  and that’s just what I am doing; and what I want to help you do.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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