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How do you join the monthly book club?

By becoming a member of our FaceBook Private Community. 

Click below to find out more

  • Who is it for?
    This is open to everybody in our FaceBook Community, no matter where you are on your sober journey.
  • What will we be discussing?
    Here are some questions we will talk about, so keep them in mind when youre reading (or listening) to the books. - Did you like the book? If yes, why? If not, why? - Did the book impact your mood? If so, how? - What lessons did you take away from it? - What are some of the passages that you underlined or that affected you? - Do you agree with the advice? - Did the book make you want to explore the subject more? - What practical steps do you think you'll implement in your life going forward? - Would you read it again or recommend it to others to read?
  • When is it?
    Last Friday of every month 4:30pm (CET) Paris Please click the link below to check the start time in the area you are in:
  • How do I join?
    By becoming a member of the Sobriety Sisterhood Private FaceBook Community
  • What books are we reading?
    30 June 2023 - Brene Brown 'The Gifts of imperfection' 28 July 2023 - Barry Michels, Phil Stutz 'The Tools'
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