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Shifting Your Mindset: The Key to Finding Freedom from Alcohol

I tried so many times to take a break from alcohol only to find it impossible to make it past day one over and over again. I was so stuck in the idea that by giving up alcohol, I was making a huge sacrifice, that it just seemed impossible. It was only when I started to get curious about the true impact of alcohol on me, educating myself on the effect of alcohol on our society, clarifying my reasons why I wanted freedom, questioning what I believed to be true, and being radically honest with myself that I was the only person who could make a change, that my entire mindset started to shift. I quickly moved from the idea that I 'couldn’t' drink to realising I didn’t actually want to, and finding freedom from alcohol once and for all.

If you would like to find freedom, here are my tips on shifting your mindset when it comes to alcohol:

Get Clear on Your Reasons Why

Understanding why you want to quit alcohol is the foundation of your journey. Reflect on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits you seek. Whether it’s improved health, better relationships, or personal growth, having clear reasons will strengthen your resolve.

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs shape our reality. If you believe that you can’t have fun without drinking or that you’re not strong enough to quit, these thoughts will hinder your progress. Identify these limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. For instance, remind yourself that you can enjoy social events without alcohol and that you have the strength to change.

Face Your Fears

Fear is a natural response to change and the unknown. It’s normal to feel anxious about what life will look like without alcohol. Acknowledge these fears, whether they involve social situations, withdrawal symptoms, or confronting personal issues. Gradually facing your fears with small steps and seeking support can diminish their power over you.

Shift Your Perspective

Changing how you view sobriety can make a significant difference. Instead of seeing it as a loss, view it as a gain. Focus on the positives like better health, improved mental clarity, and stronger relationships. Embrace a growth mindset, believing that you can develop new skills and improve with effort.

Focus on the Benefits

Keeping the benefits of sobriety at the forefront of your mind can help maintain your motivation. Better sleep, increased energy, emotional stability, and clearer thinking are just a few advantages. Regularly remind yourself of these benefits to reinforce your commitment.

Practise Radical Honesty

Radical honesty involves being completely truthful with yourself and others. Regular self-reflection and honest conversations about your journey can foster a deeper connection with yourself and your support network. This honesty helps build a supportive environment and keeps you accountable.

Find Support

Accountability is crucial in maintaining sobriety. Joining support groups like Sobriety Sisterhood can provide a sense of community and shared wisdom. Regular check-ins and shared experiences with others who understand your journey can keep you motivated and on track.


Shifting your mindset is a transformative process that lays the foundation for lasting sobriety and freedom from alcohol.

By getting clear on your reasons why, challenging limiting beliefs, facing your fears, shifting perspective, focusing on benefits, practising radical honesty, and finding support, you can create a robust and supportive framework for your journey.

Embrace these strategies with an open heart and mind, and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

Sobriety is not just about quitting alcohol; it’s about reclaiming your life and discovering the best version of yourself.


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