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to Sobriety Sisterhood's Alcohol Awareness Community

If it feels like alcohol is taking more from your life than it gives, then come and join my exclusive community and learn how to thrive on the sober side of life!


What will I gain from joining?





The Sobriety Sisterhood Alcohol
Awareness Community is for you if:

Over the course of this program, you will receive:

  • Initial 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session with me

  • 30 emails in the initial month which include resources and education on the true effects of alcohol plus journal prompts, worksheets and tools to help you on your sober journey

  • Ongoing access to online 3 x group coaching sessions per week to help you stay on track and accountable

  • Access to an exclusive messaging community where you can share your successes and struggles with others on the same journey

Are you curious about what we’ll cover? 

  • Why alcohol dependency is not your fault - learning about how alcohol invades the subconscious mind and why we drink without thinking. 

  • Dismantling the belief that willpower is what you need to change - identifying your why as a more effective tool for overcoming resistance

  • How to deal with negative self talk - developing techniques that help tackle challenges with a positive mindset

  • Creating change by changing your thinking - why it’s important to evaluate your beliefs around alcohol and your ability to quit so you can move forward with creating the best version of yourself.

All this for £175 for the initial month and £47 for subsequent months!

Sobriety Sisterhood Community

30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Ellen 

30 day email course full of tips, tools and resources to help you kickstart your sobriety journey 

Access to group coaching calls led by Ellen 3 times per week 

Access to exclusive sisterhood community messaging service


Monthly Subscription to the

Sobriety Sisterhood Community 

Access to the group coaching calls led by Ellen 3 times per week

Access to exclusive sisterhood community messaging service

First to find out about upcoming retreats with early bird offers only for those in the group coaching programme

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