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My name is Ellen, and I am a sobriety and wellbeing coach, helping other women reach their sobriety, fitness and nutrition goals by working on their mindset.  I work with my clients to help them examine their relationship with alcohol and work together to help build a happier, healthier life without alcohol. 


I am a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and behaviour change coach with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.  To find out more about me and my journey, click below.


Join me and learn how to thrive on the sober side of life!

Do you feel that:

  • Alcohol is taking more than it gives?

  • Alcohol is holding you back from fulfilling your full potential?

  • Alcohol keeps you trapped in a cycle of shame, guilt and regret?

  • Alcohol has more control over you than you do over it?

  • That you can't imagine celebrating, commiserating or relaxing without Alcohol?

  • You want to break free from Alcohol but just don't know how?

Would you like to experience:

  • Alcohol Freedom

  • Better skin

  • Better Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

  • More clarity, productivity and drive

  • Improved relationships

The big question is, how do you break this cycle?  The answer is actually very simple….

The key to sobriety isn't willpower, it is to change your mindset when it comes to alcohol so that you never feel deprived ever again!

The key to staying sober is to fall in love with the sober you!

Work with me

Want to hear from those that have worked with me?

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Simon Chapple, Founder of Be Sober

"I have known Ellen for over twenty years and personally witnessed her incredible journey of personal growth and transformation.


She is an incredible sobriety coach and has an infectious passion for helping women who are looking to make the changes that will allow them to thrive in life.


If you are looking for a coach who will keep you motivated and accountable at the same time as delivering the results you need then Ellen is the person to speak to"

Please note: Coaching is not an alternative to therapy or medical detox treatment. If you are worried about your mental health or are in active addiction, please always see a doctor first before booking with me.

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