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Sobriety Sisterhood

A Haven for Positive Change and Connection

The Sober Community for wherever you are on your journey

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What will you gain from joining?





You have begun to question your relationship with alcohol and feel it is stopping you from reaching your full potential in life 

You want to find freedom from alcohol but feel AA is not for you

You have felt guilt, shame and remorse the morning after drinking

You feel motivated to quit alcohol but can’t seem to stop

You feel stuck in the cycle of using alcohol to fill the void, but not sure how to break the habit

You want to connect with other women on the same journey in a safe environment 


Our community is there to support you at any stage of sobriety:

  • Sober Curious

  • Newly Sober

  • Long Term Sober

  • Sober Recovery

  • Struggling to be Sober

A judgement free, safe space, with qualified coaches specialising in sober living, "mind, body & spirit" 

Our Coaches are specialists in the field of sobriety, providing guidance, support and education.

Our qualifications cover Addiction & Recovery, Counselling & Psychology, Nutrition & Wellness, Mindfulness, Stress Resilience and Hypnotherapy 


  • Beliefs

  • Fears

  • Thoughts

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Stress Resilience


  • Nutrition

  • Movement

  • Mindful movement

  • Rest

  • Recovery


  • People

  • Places

  • Things we do

  • Influences

  • Mindful Awareness 

Our Community Offers:

Weekly Group Coaching with our Specialist Coaches: Join on Zoom for insightful live sessions that provide guidance - inspiration - and a chance to connect with this vibrant community

WhatsApp: Peer to peer community support, facilitated by coaches, providing real time engagement and connection with your sober sisters

Regular Emails: Emails which include resources, worksheets and information for you to support the all important mindset change to help you thrive in sobriety

Community Support: Access the Private FaceBook community, a safe space for you to share your successes and your struggles, and gain inspiration and support from others on the same journey.

Preferential access: Be the first to hear about the Sobriety Sisterhood Community offerings, resources and news.


Discounts: Enjoy 5% reduction for 1:1 Coaching with our coaches

Together - we'll explore the immense benefits of sobriety and help you pave the way for a brighter - happier - and healthier future. Start your journey towards a fulfilling life centred on sobriety and self-improvement. 

Are you curious about what we’ll cover? 

Why alcohol dependency is not your fault - learning about how alcohol invades the subconscious mind and why we drink without thinking. 

Dismantling the belief that willpower is what you need to change - identifying your why as a more effective tool for overcoming resistance

How to deal with negative self talk - developing techniques that help tackle challenges with a positive mindset

Creating change by changing your thinking - why it’s important to evaluate your beliefs around alcohol and your ability to quit so you can move forward with creating the best version of yourself.

Guiding Principles for the Sisterhood




  • We commit to protecting each other's privacy, ensuring that this can be a safe space for all who need it.

  • We allow ourselves permission to show up in whatever capacity we can, recognizing that perfectionism no longer serves us.

  • We aim to lead with kindness and a place of non judgement, being mindful that it takes great courage to be here.

  • We suspend judgement towards ourselves and others. We choose to be curious if and when judgement may arise in us.

  • We aim to find a connection through similarities rather than focus on differences.

  • We attempt to remain present, so that we can both hold space and take space.

  • We recognize that all journeys are deeply personal and to support all pathways of sobriety even if it is different to our own.

  • We accept each member of the community where they are right now on their journey.

  • We keep shares sobriety-focused and speak our own truths and personal experiences.

  • We refrain from critiquing, or offering unsolicited advice, instead trying to offer compassion and understanding to each other and ourselves.

  • We recognize strengths in self and others whenever possible, knowing that change comes from strength not shame.

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